WWl Presentation

Vincent Buccino, Lance Russell

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Prince of Austria-Hungary. Austria declared war on Serbia and then WWl broke out.

U.S. Impact

USA help in the war by helping the allies. They sent supplies and traded the goods to the allie countries. These supplies help them fight in the war and help gain advantages against the central powers.

2 Main Events

Germany U boats- shot any boat that came into their area and sank the ships.

In 1917, German official Arthur Zimmerann sent a telegram to Germany ambassador in Mexico to return the lost territory in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona if it allied with Germany.


Militarism- Strong buildup of armed forces to intimidate and threaten other nations. All the European nations were building up their armies.

Alliances- Joining other countries and partnering with their "friends" for war. There were the central powers and allies in WWl

Imperialism- Stronger nation takes over weaker nations for natural resources and military usage. Britain used their colonies for advantage in the war

Nationalism- Ones pride in their country. Everybody believed in their country during the war.

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