By Joe Lettko and Alex Carpenter

How does drinking and Alcoholism affect family and relationships?

Alcoholism is a chronic disease including uncontrolled drinking and preoccupation with alcohol. There are more than three million confirmed cases of alcoholism per year, and many more unconfirmed. this disease is usually self diagnosable, and does not require lab tests or imaging. There have been links to Alcoholism being a hereditary disorder.

Different types of alcoholics

Young Anti-social: 21% of all alcoholics, average 26 years old, most have anti-social personality disorder

Functional: 19% of all alcoholics, middle aged, working adults with stable families, drink every other day with >5 drinks per day

Intermediate: 19% of all alcoholics, start at 17 years old and are alcoholics by 30.

Young Adult: 32% of all alcoholics, drink less often, and binge drink when drinking. These are the partiers

Chronic-Severe 9% of all alcoholics, mostly occurs with divorced men.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Where struggling alcoholics can go to receive help


Alcoholism - A chronic disease including uncontrolled drinking and preoccupation with alcohol

Cirrhosis - Chronic liver damage from a variety of causes leading to scarring and liver failure

Disorder - A disruption of normal physical or mental functions; a disease or abnormal condition.