Final Solution

Use of gas chambers and removal of bodies by mass burnings

Auschwitz gas chambers

In Auschwitz they gassed 6,000 people a day. They used a poison gas cyanide (pesticide) to kill them. The gas that was used to kill the people in the gas chambers was Zyklon B. Walls of the gas chambers were stained blue by the gas as seen in the photo below. The gassing went on throughout the day and night 84 were gassed during the day and 85 at night. At the beginning they dumped the bodies into deep pits in which they were buried to cover up the evidence of the terrible things that were being done by the Germans. A farmhouse identified by Adolf Eichmann was turned into a gas chamber where five or six canisters of gas could kill around 2,000 people.
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There were five crematoriums at Auschwitz. In crematoriums two and three 5,000 bodies were disposed of everyday and in crematoriums four and five 3,000 bodies a day. Some days the bodies were burned out in the open because the crematoriums could not keep up with the gas chambers and their work. The highest amount of people and bodies disposed of in one day was 24,000 in 1944. The crematoriums worked so quickly that the people that were heading into the gas chambers didn't know that they would be reduced to ashes in three or four hours.