India and Pakistan

And Their Ongoing Conflict

How It Started

India and Pakistan separated when the British split them up. Hindu and Muslims always had a conflict, so the Hindu were put into India, and the Muslims into Pakistan. This partition caused violence. In fact, thousands of people died. Including Gandhi.


Kashmir is the northwestern region in south asia. Kashmir is an 86,000- square mile region in northern part of the Indian subcontinent. India and Pakistan have been fighting over the land since both countries gained their independence in 1947. Why is that? Well Kashmir is where the source of the Indus River is. So whoever controls Kashmir, controls the flow of the Indus River. That country gets control, power, water, and money.

Hindus And Muslims

Before the Indian sub-continent was split up into Pakistan and India, India had mostly Hindus and Muslims. It was a mix. But with their differences, they started fighting. And since India had a Hindu government, Muslims felt that their rights were not protected. Then the British split them up so the two groups of people could have their own country and land.