All About Me

By Will Olsen

EAGLES are the best

I love the Eagles they are my favorite football team because i like all the players on the team. The logo on the eagles helmet is cool. I like the Eagles jerseys that they wear. The Eagles are gonna be one of the best teams in the NFL this year.

76ers are great!!!!

The sixers have a very good team. Most of the players on the team are good.Jrue Holliday was one of my favorite players until he left to go to play with the pelicans. I have been to 2 sixers games in my life and im going to another one this year with my dad.

I like sports!

I like Wiz Khalifa's muisc!!!!

Wiz khalifa is my favorite rapper to listen to. I have everyone of his songs on my iphone. I like mostly all of his songs except a couple that i don't like. I want to go to one of his concerts but my dad won't t let me because he doesn't like him.

i love to listen to music!!!!

Music is one of my favorite things to do when i home doing nothing. I have like 4 hundred songs on my iphone. my favorite kind of music is rap. My favorite rapper is Wiz khalifa because in my opinion he makes the best music out of everyone else who raps.