Special Olympics (national)

founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver

What Eunice Has Done to Help The community

  • Donates money for kids with disabilities
  • Gets kids with disabilities out of their shells
  • Gets kids to use their abilities http://www.specialolympics.org
Special Olympics Illinois PSA "Speechless" (60 seconds)

Impact on community

  • Makes kids with disabilities have a high self-esteem

Eunice's life

  • born on July 10,1921
  • died on August 11,2009
  • children are Maria Shriver,Anthony Shriver,Timothy Shriver,Mark Kennedy Shriver, and Bobby https://www.google.com

What I can do

  • I could make a flyer on making a donate stand
  • I could also make a webpage on donating tons of cash to special Olympics and every level you beat you donate $100
  • I could make a shop and all the money you use to buy stuff goes to special Olympics
  • I could make a program called Extra Fun

About me

  • I am 9 years old
  • I have 3 bro's
  • I am Irish & German
  • born on April 29,2003
  • I love hetalia
Hetalia Ending theme song Italy