Primary School "Geo Milev"-Grohotno village reg. Smolyan, BG

Children´s and Young People´s Rights
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25 years CHILDREN'S RIGHTS - Peace,Respect,Equality, Rights.

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25 years Children's right

All of my students show that the Children's rights matter for them by drawing some candles as symbol for lightening children's social position.

Alpay's candle pictures, 8th grade

Against the strong children's right and kidnappings, violence and killing the children.

Mrs. Fanny Vassileva

Students SBGs and with the special participation of the 8th grade students .
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Oh, you children of the Mother Earth !

Dedicated to the MixTalent Students

and Mrs. Greet Meesen, Mayor Koopmanschap and all others

Oh ,you children of the Mother Earth !

Blessed and endowed with beauty.

We may not see your faces and this hurts,

but we feel our hearts beating.

Person is alone with what they have.

Though there is sometimes a need,

by a warm human and friendly hand,

and only a few gentle words in more!

Don't be afraid children of Mother Earth !

God is blessing you ,

up with people like us,

who with motherly hearts

enfold your needs and deeds.

Oh, children of the Mother Earth!

Blessed and gifted with beauty.

Athough we can not see your faces,

with love are filled our hearts!

Because this is our duty !

Mrs.Fanny Vassileva

MixTalent Students Mentor’s Team

Bulgaria, Grohotno village, region Smolyan