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Should Anyone Commit Suicide

By Ceirra A.

No one should commit suicide because there are people that needs them. The only way why they commit suicide is because they’re depressed and want to die. There a lot of people that commit suicide in this world. They suffer a lot maybe because someone special to them died and they wish that they were still alive. What if they suffer too much because their bullied too much.

Kids commit suicide because others tell them that they don’t belong here that they should go away or kill themselves. Sometimes they need someone to be there for them and if they tell them that everything will be ok that there's nothing to worry or cry that they're there for them no matter the cost. I think that it's sad that people that are very young want to kill themselves and never come back when they know there is always people there for them. I really hate it when people never say anything when someone says they are going to commit suicide. Kids and teens commit suicide along with adults, but they never know that there is someone special that cares about them.

It’s kind of dumb that people bully others when they didn’t do anything to them. I beg anyone that is reading this to help others in need it’s not fair that people throw their life away into the garbage just because some bullies them or harrasses them or abuses them. They mostly commit suicide because they think they don’t have a purpose to live. I want everyone to tell the person that will commit suicide to tell them they have a purpose in life. Everybody has a purpose in life they shouldn’t just assume that they don’t have a purpose.

Others tell people that they don’t belong here to just die? I mean why do they do it , why do they do it to innocent people that didn’t deserve this they don’t deserve to throw away their life! Why do people do this no one deserve to die at such a young age and for what, for what do they do it to such innocent kids. No one deserve to be alone especially when they never did anything wrong they're just kids innocent kids that did nothing wrong to hurt others. No one deserve to commit suicide there are so many people that died because of committing suicide.

Please help them help them understand that you're there for them and that it’s not their fault that they didn’t deserve this. When you hear anyone that says that there are going to commit suicide or that they won’t be here much longer that they had a good time with you please tell them not to leave that you're here for them that you will always be here by their side that you will never leave them that they're not alone. Tell them they have a purpose to live to give up their life away just because someone said something mean to them. You should stand up for each other and never bully. Bullying is bad and horrible because it hurts others, I stand up for others for a reason to make sure they don’t hurt them enough to commit suicide. I don’t want it to happen because it would be hard to forget what happen to the person that commit suicide and if someone commit suicide because of the bullies in schools well they are the reason why the boys and girls commit suicide. Please help prevent boys and girls from committing suicide around the world and tell them everything will be ok that they have a purpose and that there are people out there that really cares prevent suicide for the innocent kids and teens.

Glenns Retirement

By Ceirra A.

A lot of thanks to Glenn for being there to clean up the school. We will all miss him when he is gone we hope he will have a great time not always cleaning up after us. It's not going to be the same without Glenn to be there. We hope Glenn will have a nice and awesome time. We hope Glenn can have a great time without us, we will miss him when he's gone. Thank you Glenn have a great retirement.

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