What's Happening On TUMBLEBUS in January?

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Happy New Year 2018 and Happy January! Here at TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte we wish you and your family an extremely prosperous and peaceful year ahead.

"Frozen Tundra" on TUMBLEBUS

This month Teddy is bundling up and getting prepared for the winter season that is officially among us. Throughout January Teddy and friends will review gymnastic skills including squat, pike, straddle, and tuck through circuits that allow tumblers to continue mastering their fundamentals. We will also be focusing on strengthening our legs and tummies! Throughout storytime we will be learning and revisiting literacy skills such as questioning, predicting, letters sounds, context clues, and rhyming! There is so much to learn this month and it shall be an adventure through the FROZEN TUNDRA!
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Things sure are Chilly in the FROZEN TUNDRA!

It's Not Too Late!

We know the Holidays had you super busy! But has your little one still been asking you for a TUMBLEBUS book and cd? Because kids LOVE TUMBLEBUS what better way to expose them to literacy than through a book about TUMBLEBUS that they can so closely relate to? Your child will surely love this book, and you'll find them saying things like "that's me" as they flip through the pages and want to read the book over and over. Feel free to email TUMBLEBUS and order through your existing TUMBLEBUS account and have the book delivered to your child's school in a white envelope OR you can click the new website link below and order your copy to be shipped or school delivered today! Also schools will be hosting "TUMBLEBUS Days" where all kids will receive an author visit experience and books will be available for purchase on site at your child's school. 10% of the purchases from TUMBLEBUS Days will be given back to your child's school for their classroom needs.

Upcoming TUMBLEBUS Day

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More Frozen Tundra Action!

Check It Out!

If you still haven't had the chance yet, Please check out the NEW TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte website that has been revamped to be more mobile friendly! Check it out at the website link below!

What We're Learning?

Warm Up Activities:

Body Exploration:

Head/ Neck

Legs/ Feet

Arms/ Shoulders


Fundamentals Review:





Safety Landing

Circuit Activity Options for the Month:

Long hang

Straight jump (to the snowman on the ceiling)

Pencil roll

Mountain "Skiing" (Balance Activity)

Lunges with Weights on “Snow Mountain”

Wall Sits (Kick the Snowmen Down)

Zig Zag Snow Flake Hops (2 feet)

Rings –swing jumps over noodle

Beam –forward with snowflake on head (bean bag)

Vault –run, jump, safety land (squat)

Total – Squat Side punches

Total – Snowflake toe touch kisses

Abs – Snowflake sit-ups

Academic Skill:

The Letter "P"

Making Predictions

Text to Real World Connections

Context Clues



Games/ Activities:

"Snow Flake" Ball Toss

Freeze Dance

Scale Countdown

Books We're Reading:

Little Bea and the Snowy Day by Daniel Roode

A Perfect Day by Carin Berger

A Penguin Story Antoinette Portis

Snowzilla by Janet Lawler

Focus Skills:

Strengthening Legs / Abs, Floor Skills, Bar Skills, Trampoline Skills

Ring Skills, Vault, Weight Training, Beam Skills, Total Body Exercises

Teddy Tip of the Month for Parents: Winning Cooperation

Teddy Says:

Praise your child often when you catch him/ her behaving well; especially if your child is not in a cooperative phase. Kids repeat behaviors that get attention, so be more intentional about looking for positive behaviors and watch your repetitious behavior redirection slowly transition from "Stop" to "Great Job." Use phrases such as "I really love it when you..."or praise a behavior of a sibling doing something positively to get your other child to respond to the same behavior positively as well. Overall, it is not your job just to punish; you are showing your child what he/ she is supposed to do. Set a positive parenting foundation and build trust by creating a nurturing environment for your child. As you lay your foundation, your expectations can continuously become clearer.

Keep Being an Amazing Parent! You Rock!

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Inspirational Quote of the Month

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. —Maya Angelou

Thanks for allowing your child to be a part of TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte!

If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.