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Week of January 17

Upcoming Events

January 17th No school!!!

January 27-29 Urinetown (Come support our choir family inthe show!!)

February 1st Disney Parent and Student Trip Meeting 7:00 (6:15 for a brief chaperone meeting) The meeting is required for all students going on the Disney trip and will be virtual

February 5th Central Cluster Solo Festival

February 17th Middle School Pre-UIL (Parent and Student Volunteers needed)

February 19-23 Disney Trip

February 28th-March 1st Middle School UIL South Zone @ Plano Senior (Parent and Student Volunteers Needed)

March 21st High School Pre-UIL Concert 5:00-8:00 (Schedule will be posted in February) Required for all students in the department

March 29-31 Choir UIL required for all choir students Schedule TBD

April 18-21 "SING" Tech Week

April 22-23 "SING" 7:00

May 9th Chamber Concert Rehearsal

May 10th Chamber Concert

May 14th Choir Banquet 7:00-11:00

May 16th Pop Show Dress Rehearsal 4:30-8:00

May 17th Pop Show 7:00 (This is a ticketed event. All students must be academically eligible)

Disney Trip Updates

We are less than 60 days away from our amazing trip to Disney!!!! There are few items that will need your attention when we return in January.

1) February 1st is the required parent and student trip meeting 7:00 in the choir room.

Chaperones will have a brief meeting before at 6:15.

2) All trips should be paid in full. Payments should only be made through RYCOR not the trip portal. If you have made a payment through the trip portal, please request a refund from Paul Serra at paul@usafest.org and pay through RYCOR or cash/check

3) Students that did not pass the 2nd nine weeks report card have 2 opportunities to regain eligibility to go on the trip. The student must pass all classes with a 70 or above in order to regain eligibility. Per our contract. Students that cannot go on the trip due to eligibility will not receive a refund unless they have purchased trip insurance.

January 24th is the first progress report

February 11th is the 2nd progress report

Congratulations to Plano Senior's 6 All-Staters!!!!!!!

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National Anthem Singers

If you are interested in singing the national anthem at a Plano Senior Boys Varsity Basketball game or Girl's Varsity Soccer game please sign-up below.

Basketball Sign-up


Soccer Sign-up


Music Corporation SING Rehearsal Dates

Music Corporation, here are your upcoming show rehearsal dates. Please make sure that you plan accordingly.

March 26th 10-1 Choreography Rehearsal

April 7th 4:30-6:30 Choreography Rehearsal

April 14th 4:30-6:30 Choreography Rehearsal

April 18th 1:00-7:00 Rehearsal

April 19th-20th 4:30-9:00

April 21st 4:30-9:00 Full Dress Rehearsal

April 22-23 Show 7:00

Happy Birthday!!!

December 1st Daniel N.

December 2nd Sean R.

December 4th Marshal T.

December 8th Emma J.

December 10th Fionnuala B.

December 12th Tesha H. and Yvonne P. A

December 13th Luka G

December 13th Mrs. P

December 15th Alisha C

December 17th Ethan M

December 19 Julie P

December 23 Will W

December Genesis B

December 24 Allie D

December 31st Yubin K

Choir Parent Remind Group

We would like to invite our parents to join our "PSHS Choir Parents Remind Group" this is an opportunity for you to receive the same reminders your students receive about upcoming events and give you the option to receive our weekly newsletter via text.

Text @3fd8de2 to the number "81010" to be added to the group

Eligibility and Cancellation Policies

Just a friendly reminder that the Disney trip falls under the "No Pass, No Play" rule and all students must be academically eligible to go on the trip. Please keep your grades up! If you are worried about this being issue, please consider purchasing trip insurance. There are no refunds from the trip company due to ineligibility. This was all stated in the contract that was signed and returned. Please keep this in mind as we move into the rest of the trip preparations!

Tour Company Cancellation Policies

PAC programs which travel by air are generally booked on contracted airfares. These fares

have certain restrictions and/or penalties regarding reservations and cancellations. ln the event of any cancellation of any reservation after an airline tic*et has been issued by the air carrier, the school and/or the participant shall forfeit the amount of the airline cancellation penalty in addition to the cancellation penalties listed below. ln the event the school or any participant desires to cancel a reservation they must do so in writing.

ln regard to non-refundable payments made by Performing Arts Consultants to tour operators, land operators, airlines and other vendors associated with travel and/or festival arrangements, accommodations and/or services, the following will apply:

60-46 DAyS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE - $50.00 per person, in addition to any cancellation

charges and non-refundable payments as invoiced by the various vendors mentioned above.

45-31 DAYS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE - $100.00 per person, in addition to any cancellation

charges and non-refundable payments as invoiced by the various vendors mentioned above.

30 DAyS OR IESS DAyS PROR TO DEPARTURE - No Refunds will be considered atthis

point of cancellation.

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Jazz Without Elephants

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Region Weekend

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Women in Music Field Trip

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