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Algeria is located on the Prime Meridian and 30 degrees North.

Algeria is located in Africa.

In northern Africa, by Lyba and Morocco, also by the Indian and Atlantic ocean.

Algeria is by the meridian sea, that gives the people f Algeria food. They will need to have a filter if they want to drink non-salty water.


There are lots of different mountains and rivers in Algeria.

A couple of bigger city's in Algeria are Biskra and laghout, the most popular is Algiers.

Algeria has the religion of Muslim there race is Arab Berber also the speak the language Arabic.

Human invorment interation

Algeria uses natural gas and petroleum. Algeria earned 55 million dollars in natural gas. It is the second largest natural gas producer in Africa. Natural gas is used for electric power,lower operating, water heating, cooking for homes and buisnesses and sport equipment. The uses for petroluem are gasoline,heating oil,asphalt and road oil, jet fuel and waxes. Yhe Algerian people are limited because there is not a lot of water avaible and a small percent can be formed. There is valuable minerals but hard to get to because they are in a remote location. Most of the people have learned to live in there enviroment than change it.


In Algeria people use body language. Also cell phones are available to the Algeria people but the ARE un common in some cites. The goods are transportated by trains,ship and air. Anything by water they use ships,goods and people that are locatednext to water,railroads and airports is to move. If you live in a remote areas it is harder!


MAKAM ECHAHID-This amazing monument was opened in 1982,20 years after Algeria got their indepence . LA GRANDE POSTE- It was published in 1910 and people say it is Algerias greateast monument. It was their main post office and it plays a big role in Algeria. CASBAH- This structure is on a hill and it was built in the 18th century. The Casbah is split into two diffrent parts the upper and lower town. NEW MOSQUE- It is built in the shape of a greek cross. This monument was built in the 17th century. GREAT MOSQUE- It was built in the 11 century and it was the oldest of the Algerian Mosque. It says Mosque has been much altered since than.


Algeria people use cars,trains,buses and planes. The goods are transported by trains.Also by ships and air. Anything by water they use ships. Goods and people that are located next to water,railroad and airport is to move. If you live in a remote area its harder and longer cause you have to drive farther. Algerian people use cars,trains,buses and planes.


Algeria's economy has been improved by the government in the recent years, but there not allowed to do anything about the unemployment lately.

Mined and Manufactured things take a bigger role in the economy.

Agriculture ( food and farming ) takes a minor role in the overall economy.

oil, and natural gasses are the country's most important mineral resources.

90% of Algeria's exports goes to the western part of Europe.

Algeria's economy is market because it is ran by the public sector.

hopefully i told you how the economy operates.

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Algerians is in the semi dessert,its 30n o,its nomadic herding, and it is a steppe. Most of the Algerian familys lived with euepean family, sometimes the goverment in Algeria makes Algerians move out of their homes to build more building.
Algerian Culture