SUHSD ELD and ALD Update

Welcome Back from Fall Break 2015-2016!

Click to access the REVISED ALD Performance Task and UbD Culture andIdentity

Electronic version has LINKS to all resources.

Please view, download on a Desktop(Mac or PC). This document will not view properly on an i-Pad.

You may download this 100 page file and view all resources--choose what you want to use to teach and prepare for the Performance Task.

You may then create a .pdf for students using i-Pads of what you have customized for viewing on the i-Pad or to print for class work..

Assessments Update

ELD and ALD Matrix 2015-2016: Assessments for ELD Portfolio Please click the link to view in Googledrive. This document was revised/created during the 1st ELD/ALD Zone Meeting, in the PDC on Sept.9, 2015.

View, save in your Googledrive, and print a copy for reference.

Per the consensus at the ELD /ALD Zone meeting: all ALD PTs, Listenting/Speaking PTs, and district-curriculum assessments from Milestones for the ELD levels will be accessible through both Canvas(linked to Googledrive) and Illuminate.

Expect Semester 1 ALD and ELD assessments to be available by Nov. 4 ELD/ALD Zone meeting.

One goal this year for the EL Program and teachers will be to create and manage a

Multi-lingual ELD /ALD Resource Bank.

  • This is an on-going, throughout the year, collaborative process. Any resources, especially ones used for Rhetorical Approach teaching, should be emailed through Outlook, Canvas, or shared via Googledrive with Lisa Burgess, ELD TOSA, who will moderate the Multi-lingual ELD /ALD Resource Bank. Our resource bank is only as good as we all make it--so please contribute and share!

  • In the resource bank, there will be assessments linked to the Academic Language Toolkit (language forms and functions) .
  • An Excel file of online/tech resources is available on Canvas and in Googledrive for ELD/ALD teachers to access online Listening/Speaking resources.

Register for CABE 65 Mini-Conference before October 30th!

REGISTER NOW for CABE 65 Mini-Conference
November 7th, 2015
Otay Ranch High School, Chula Vista, CA

CDE EL Resources and Guidelines Latest Updates

Remember, remember the 4th of November!

Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 7:45am

This is an online event.

ALL ALD and ELD teachers are asked to be at the ELD/ALD Cohort/Zone Meeting 2.

This is the meeting for everyone--even if you teach only one section of either ELD or ALD--please come! Same Pseudo all year: 117576

We will be using our 50 ELL Strategies Books--the print copies arrived! First 50 teachers get a copy to keep. The electronic version was shared last month--and can still be used during the year.

We will also use part of the day to access the ELD/ALD assessments in Illuminate--and create ones to share.

Please make sure you have some of your own ELD/ALD assessments in your Googledrive that you can upload into our Multilingual ELD/ALD Resource Bank(MEARB).

Student work? YES! Bring the ELD Benchmark Writing student responses from your classes so we can district-wide calibrate in the afternoon and upload leveled student examples.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

LCAP Stakeholder Engagement Meetings: Please Attend!

Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 5:30-7pm

See Below

Meetings will be held in trustee areas: 5:30 – 7 pm except Oct. 29 meeting starts at 6 pm – 7:30 pm
  • October 8 – Trustee Area 1 (SUHI, GJ, NCM, NCA, CVH, CVM,) at CVM
  • October 22 – Trustee Area 2 (BVH, BVM, HH, HM, CVA, Pal. OSS) at BVM
  • October 28 – Trustee Area 3 (ELH, ELM, ORH, OLH, RDR, EHA) at ORH
  • October 29 – Trustee Area 4 (CPH, CPM, SYH, SYA) at CPH
  • November 5 – Trustee Area 5 (MoH, MoM, SoH, SoM, MVH, MVA, MoA) at MVH