Curriculum Corner

Fall 2015

Teaching and Learning in Fort Bend ISD

Welcome to the first edition of our new online newsletter! Curriculum Corner will bring you updates on a variety of topics including new curriculum and resources, assessments, trainings and best practices to share with your staff.

The first grading period is coming to a close, and the Secondary Curriculum Team has been busy.

Strategies for Success

Check for Understanding with CONCEPT CARTOONS

Concept Cartoons

  • Engage and motivate students (especially at the beginning of a unit). Uncover student thinking about their own ideas.

Comprehensible Input in World Languages

Our goal as a program is to use the Target Language in class 90% of the time. This 90% can be made up of the teacher talking and the students talking, reading, writing and listening. It is NOT meant to be simply lecture. Many teachers feel this is not possible in a lower-level language class (levels 1 and 2), but it is!

Here are two blogs with GREAT strategies for novice learners for keeping input in the target language and, most importantly, comprehensible.

Musicuentos (Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell)

Tuesday’s Tips for Staying in the Target Language (Caleb Howard a.k.a Señor Howard)

MTV - Make Thinking Visible Using the Document Camera

Put student work under the document camera. Using this strategy enables the students to analyze multiple methods for working a problem and analyze errors and misconceptions. It also allows a venue for rich math discussions.

Upcoming Events

Math - MIT: HS Focus

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 3:30pm

DHS - Library

This session will focus on content in the new HS curriculum.

District Department Chair Meetings

These meetings are a critical link to campuses and teachers. Please follow up with your staff to make sure that your school is always represented.

October 19 - Social Studies

October 20 - Math, ELA, World Languages

October 21 - Science

November 16 - Math, Science, World Languages

November 18 - Social Studies

Math - MIT: MS Focus

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 4:30pm

DHS - C Hallway

This session will focus on content in the new MS curriculum.

Scientifically Sound (SSCI1928)

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 8am

DMS - Multipurpose Room

Improving student achievement is a collaborative process between the district, campus leaders, teachers and students. Scientifically Sound will bridge the gap between district and campus support models by providing campus leaders opportunities to experience, strengthen and improve instructional practices in science. These sessions will provide campus leaders professional development specifically designed to enhance science content knowledge and pedagogy. Campus leaders will analyze and interpret data, problem solve difficult situations and experience new learning in order to improve consistency of implementation in the classroom.

ELA - Short Answer Response Training

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 2pm

To Be Determined

Teach students how to read a text and look at word choice to analyze everything from tone to theme. Once students get the gist of that, answering the STAAR SARs becomes so much easier.

Mathematically Speaking - For Administrators

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 7:30am

PHS - Multipurpose Room

Join the Math Team for resources and strategies to help administrators support the Math program on their campus.

Health/PE - TAHPERD Conference

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 9pm

6700 K Avenue

Plano, TX

This is the state conference for health and physical education. Valuable information, teaching strategies, and resources are shared at this conference. Please consider sending one of your teachers to this conference.