Clean Island

The most eco friendly island in the world

Why come?

Clean Island is one of the cleanest places you will ever come to, our goal is to keep it this way and not turn into another ruined tourist location through littering, polluting etc. This island is not a very active, many things to do island, the reason you will want to come to Clean Island is to relax, get out of your polluted, dying hometown to experience some fresh clean air and get away from your boring ordinary life!


We are located in between the Marshall Islands and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. We are completely surrounded by water, only way in and out is by boat and by short flights from surrounding islands as we try not to have large planes with lots of fuel coming to the island as they can cause a lot of pollution. You might be thinking, how do we maintain a clean environment when we are isolated by water?, do we just dump it in the water? The answer is that we fly out all our waste to surrounding islands with dumps and disposal areas to keep our island as fresh as possible.

The Sounds of Nature all around you


Sounds of Nature by ANTIGONE
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