PSY 396C: Graduate School Prep

Offered during Pre-Session from May 19th-June 7th

Everything you need to know before applying to graduate school!

This course breaks down the complicated process of applying to graduate school in psychology and related fields. This course is geared for the student who is still exploring what they might want to do for graduate school as well as for the student who is absolutely certain (and everyone in-between). Many fields in Psychology will be explored as well as reviewing accreditation, hands-on experience, letters of recommendation, how to pay for graduate school, GRE, personal statements, resumes and graduate school interviewing.

Meet the Instructor!

Christy Ball will break down the application process and tell you information that admissions committee's expect you to know but you don't!

If you have any questions about the class, just ask Christy directly at!


"This class helped me prepare for everything that needs to be done in order to apply to graduate programs. Each section of the class revealed one more aspect of the application process and made it seem achievable. After taking this class I felt much more comfortable applying and felt like I knew how to approach such a time-consuming task. I highly recommend this class to anyone who plans on applying to a graduate program, as it offers invaluable guidance through a strenuous undertaking." -Tomas Martinez