Lithium (Li)

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  1. Melts at 180.54 °C
  2. Lightest metal
  3. Half the density of water
  4. Silver color
  5. Reacts with water and sodium
  6. Burns white
  7. Found in igneous rocks and mineral springs
  8. Used to conduct heat, ceramics, lubricant and medical supplies

  1. Lithium hydride (LiH)
  2. Lithium fluoride (LiF)
  3. Lithium Chloride (LiCl)

  1. 6Li
  2. 7Li (92.5%)

  1. Avoid skin contact
  2. Avoid breathing in
  3. Can lead to fluid in the lungs

Why Should You Buy Lithium?

Lithium is the perfect element if you work in the medical field. This element can do many things and is used to treat multiple diseases. Besides being used in batteries, this element is used in medications too.

Lithium can be used to help people with bipolar disorder, anorexia, depression, anemia just to name a few. Lithium has a nice silver color and floats in water. This element reacts with sodium and water as shown here: To handle lithium make sure to wear all the necessary protective clothing, always wear gloves and don't breathe it in.

In the end, this element is great for treating mental and some physical illnesses. Lithium also helps headache, alcoholism, epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis. It is perfect for use in the medical field and also great for batteries. Lithium is only $27 per 100 grams.