Phasmids need protection!

We need to save their lifes!


Phasmids look like sticks and leaves. They hide at the top of things to get away from predaors. They eat gums leaves. Phasmids are insects such as stick insects and spiny leaf insects.

All about them

First the mother lay the eggs and wait or them to hatch and when there all wet and soggy and dry they molt the skin everytime to get bigger. The bigger they get the smarter they get.

can we help not littering

We should stop people cutting down trees because that destroys the phasmid's habitat. They won't have any shelter to protect them from predators and bad weather.

We should stop people from littering rubbish around the world because the rubbish will attract mice and rats. These animals are dangerous and will kill phasmids.

Floods: floods could cause them to die if they drown.

Ideas to help phasmids survive

1) We should plant gum trees so that they have some were to live like we do.

2) We should be careful when we walk because if we step on a leaves it might be a phasmid.

3) We should not step on ants because if you step on ants all the time there will be none left and ants help phasmids because they get the eggs and protect them because ants think they are seeds.

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