Quenton Kelly

Wrestler,Football player, and Cook

A little about Me!

I'm in two sports I play football and I do wrestling. I'm still in school 9th grade freshman 3 1/2 more years and i'm off to college. There are 8 kids including me in my house and 2 adults, so overall there are 10 people live in my house in the summer time any other time of the year there are 6 kids including me then 2 adults because 2 of my brothers live with there real dad and only come in the summer.Goal (below)

Snyder wins gold, becomes youngest U.S. wrestling champion

Movie Review

My review will be over Harry potter. I first watched harry potter (series) with my parents when i was young(6-10). It's my favorite movie because my family and I watched one once a week.

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Mr.Conner My favorite teacher

My favorite teacher is Mr.Conner. He's my favorite teacher because of his passion and his attitude towards people (He treated you as you treated him). Another reason why he's my favorite is because he came to some of my wrestling meets.

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If I won 10K

If I won 10 thousand dollars i'd donate half of it to charity's. I would use 2,500 to give to my parents/family. Lastly id give 2,500 to orphans.
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If your Bullied

Here's a segment where I help you if your bullied. Talk about it to them (confront them and ask them why). Walk with some of your friends or even a teacher.
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If you could change the world what would you change?

First i'd change the presidential debate. Then i'd get rid of it the poverty in the world. Lastly i'd be the president which would cause more change.
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My favorite person/friend!

for the best person in the world is my cousin Michael. Michael is 18 and he had cancer. The reason why we are close friends is because we are great companions.
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