Katie Bossert

Paul's Choices

Paul helped Luis save the golden dawn tangerines in the cold weather. (Page 215 " They're trying to save those golden dawn tangerines, and the rest of the trees out there" Immediatley, without a doubt, I knew what I had to do.) Saving them helped Paul pass his science project and lived on Luis's invention.

When Paul chose to play soccer for Tangerine, he was noticed unlike he usually is because he was really good.

(Page 269 "Don't spend your life hiding under the bleachers, little brother. The truth shall set you free" I nodded with real conviction now.) Because of what Antoine said, Paul opened up about his brother, Erik and the things Erik had done. It was the reason Paul spoke up.

(Page 94 "I want to go to Tangerine Middle School, and I want to go with no IEP.) When Paul played for Lake Windsor he couldn't play on the field because of his IEP so he talked his parents into sending him to Tangerine without a IEP. He played on the team and didn't have to sit on the side. He increased his self confidence too.