Digital Footprints And Cybersafety

10 things you need to know

Don't be "Stalk Worthy"

By putting picture of yourself, or personal information on the internet, you are becoming stalk worthy. Anybody and everybody can see what you posted. A picture might draw someone in, to the point where they would try to find more information about you, finding your address, phone number, school, ect.

Tell a Trusted Adult

You should always tell a trusted adult if you are uncomfortable with a certain situation. The adult could help you, or just be aware of whats going on. If someone you dont know emails you, tell an adult and just have them aware of the situation.

Social networking sites are not secure, even if you privatize them

You may privatize your Facebook or Instagram, but that hardly has an effect on your Cyber Safety. Predators can easily hack into your account and find out anything they want to about you. The best thing to do is not post pictures of yourself or release any private information.

Don't open things from people you don't know

If you get an unexpected email from someone you dont recognize, dont answer it. The email could be a bug that crashes your computer and gives the predator full access.

Digital Footprint

Every single thing you do on the internet can be traced. It is called your digital footprint. Whether you delete a picture or an account, it will always be there. Someone will always be able to trace it. Think of it like the beach. When you walk on the beach barefoot, right by the water where the sand is wet, you leave a footprint. You can go back and cover it up with sand, but underneath and out of sight is the footprint, still in tact.  

Don't Share Passwords

A great tip for Cyber Safety AND Digital Footprints is to not share passwords. Many people have shared their password to Facebook or MySpace with their "best friends", but in a year or so they might not be your best friends. By sharing passwords you are giving them access to your personal information and control over you digital foortprint. This "friend" could go into your Facebook and post a weird or innapropriate  picture of you for everyone to see. Those pictures will never go away.

Avoid using your last name

Always avoid using your last name while creating accounts. Always make up a username that you can easily remember. A better choice is your first name with your last initial. Not your last name with your first initial.

Think Ahead

Every picture, document, video, and article you post on the interenet will be there for infinity and beyond. You might not know this, but if you post an innapropriate video or picture on the web, it will always be there, Even when you are looking for a job. Your future boss might search you on the internet. They can see everything you did in your past years. Be careful what you do.

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