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It is Time to Learn to Take Effective Notes!

The Cornell note taking method is recommended for taking notes while you go through your lessons in Compass. Did you know writing information down helps you remember it? Taking notes not only can help you retain the information, it provides you with you with information to refer to when studying for tests and quizzes?

Students in fourth grade and above should begin to take notes in their classes as this skill becomes very important in the older grades. Parents, please encourage your child to take notes and use notes every day as part of their learning!

Below are links to important note taking tips and videos!

Basic Cornell Notes

Supplemental Resources to Maximize Learning

Please check out the links below. These resources can provide you with important information or additional practice on various skills!

Please note that these games are not part of TDA's curriculum, but simply meant as an additional way of gaining practice on important skills. Also remember that students should always have permission from their parents to play games on the internet, and parents should always supervise their children while on the internet.

Have a cool and useful educational game that you love? Share it with Mrs. Converse so she can spread the word!

Coming SOON!

October is OAA testing for 3rd Graders!

Families of third graders should begin thinking about the OAA tests that will happen in October. All other grades test in the spring. You will be contacted with specific information regarding your testing times and locations.