Incline Plane

Simple Machines group C

History of the Incline Plane

The sloping roads and Causeways built by ancient civilizations such as the Romans are examples of early inclined planes that have survived, and show that they understood the value of this device for moving things uphill. The heavy stones used in ancient stone structures such as Stonehenge are believed to have been moved and set in place using inclined planes made of earth, although it is hard to find evidence of such temporary building ramps. The Egyptian Pyramids were constructed using inclined planes, Siege ramps enabled ancient armies to surmount fortress walls. The ancient Greeks constructed a paved ramp 3 miles long, the Diolkos, to drag ships overland across the Isthmus of Corinth.
Simple Machines - What is an Inclined Plane | Lessons for kids

Different uses for Incline Planes:

  • Unloading items from trucks, ships and planes
  • Wheel chair ramps
  • Escalators
  • causeways
  • sidewalks
  • playground slides
  • ski slopes

How it Makes Life Easier

It allows us to move objects that we could not move before. An example of this it moving a large box from the ground to a deck 5 feet off the ground. The box is too heavy to be lifted by one person. With a ramp it can be pushed up to the deck using less effort.