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BUZZ - exciting change coming for 2016-17 school term

We have an exciting change coming for the 2016-17 academic year. As part of our collaboration with the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative we will be adopting the newest release of our learning management system (where student's do their coursework) which will now be called BUZZ.

PLEASE NOTE: GENIUS (our student information system-SIS) where you create student accounts, make course requests, and monitor student progress (same process for parents/guardians) is not changing.

We welcome this change as an opportunity to keep our program current and relevant in a digital age where we expect great user experiences. We want to first put your mind at ease as this is not a “new” system, but merely the latest version. Over the past four years of our use of BrainHoney we have had more than four new versions. Almost annually we would adopt the newest version with minor changes and enhancements. Instead of continuing on with new version numbers they have changed the name and included a richer user experience in the latest release. We are not migrating in any way, merely adopting the latest version.

A key part of this transition will revolve around creating support resources in our orientation module and website resources (including videos) for student support. We will also coordinate some drop in sessions for students (parents and LEGS also welcome) as the update rolls out via desktop conferencing tool. It is important to note that numerous pilots have been ongoing, and very positive feedback has accompanied these pilots, which only creates more excitement for us. We anticipate a very seamless transition.

If you want to learn more, below are a few links that will help increase your familiarity.

For Basic Information Click Here

Student Tool Breakdown

Be on the lookout for more “BUZZ” related communications as our engagement is key to our success with this transition. REMEMBER, this is not a brand new tool, but the next version of BrainHoney that is much more user centric.

Excited for the Buzz,

WVS Staff & Teachers

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Alumni Clean-up

If you provide the WVS office with a list of your graduates, the office will close their accounts so they no longer appear on your student list.

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