By: Hannah ,McKenzie,Emma

Waverly Mansion

Facts about Waverly Mansion1.People think Waverly is haunted2. Things move by themselfs in Waverly 3.  It is open January-December
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Elvis Presley's Birthplace and Museum

Facts about Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum. 1. Most of the stuff  at the muesum is family history2. Elvis was a black belt in karate3. Elvis died in the bathroom
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Annandale Mississsippi

Facts about Annandale Mississippi1.It is 14 milessouth of Washington D.C2.They grow cotton potatoes and corn3.There is 41,008 people living in Annandale since 2000
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Trust Battlefield at the golf of Mexico

Facts about Trust battlefield1.2205 N Frontage RD Vicksburg MS2This is wear it is located2.It was created on November 10 1999
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