The Important Book

4.W.04 Produce clear & coherent writing appropriate to task

Read Aloud

We will read The Important Book together.

Think Time

Think about the book. Did you notice anything as we were reading the book?

Create a Topic

  1. Create a popplet using the Popplet app.
  2. In the center box write "The most important thing about ___________ is _____________________". (Fill in the blanks.)
  3. Create 5-6 boxes around the center box. Each box should include a really great detail about the topic.
  4. Finish your popplet with another box, "The most important thing about ___________ is _____________________". (Fill in the blanks.)
  5. Save the popplet to your Drive and share with your teacher.

Write Your First Page

  1. Open the Storybuddy2 app.
  2. Give your story the title "The Important Book".
  3. Use the information in your popplet to type the first page of your book. (Do the popplet on one partners iPad and the Storybuddy on the other iPad.)
  4. Insert an image found in Google to go with your page.
  5. Repeat these steps (including making a popplet) until your book has 8-10 pages.
  6. Check your spelling and grammar.
  7. Make sure your sentences are interesting and detailed.
  8. Share your new story with your teacher.

How can you make sure you have written a good story?

  1. Do I use correct end punctuation after every sentence?
  2. Do I use commas in compound sentences?
  3. Do I start every sentence with a capital letter?
  4. Do I capitalize the names of people and places?
  5. Have I checked my spelling?

Need Help?

Here are some examples from other students. Don't forget to use your headphones.

The Important Book

The Important Book

When you finish writing your book:

1. Watch this short video.

2. Read quietly with your partner. (Remember elbow to elbow and knee to knee.)

The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brwon