Lets's Stop Water Pollution

By: Gracie Ross

Stop Polluting The Water

Don't Pollute the water, it effects plants, animals, and even humans.

Water Pollution Harms Animals

harms animals

site: bluevoice.org

The litter from us goes into the ocean and gives off toxic chemicals, especially plastic. Marine life eats the litter, thinking it is food. This leads to death or sickness for the animal. Animals can also get caught in the litter. These are all ways animals can be harmed, and its all because of us.

Water Pollution Can Effect A Plants Life Cycle

Harms Plants

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Water Pollution can harm or even kill plants. It changes the plants growing conditions and raises or lowers the environments acidity. The garbage that we put into oceans, lakes, and rivers can harm plants a lot. We need to stop water pollution today, or it will only get worse.

Water Pollution Gives Humans Water That Is Unclean

Makes humans water dirty and undrinkable

site: the world counts

The trash we put into our water, dirties it and makes it unsafe to drink. People all over the word are dying of thirst because of water pollution. They are unable to drink the water because of how unsafe it is. We can have more drinkable water, if we don't dirty out oceans, lakes, and rivers. If we stop littering our oceans, more people can have fresh water to drink.