The World Cup


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Brazil's Flag

The green background represents the forests of Brazil. The yellow diamond represents the gold reserves. The blue circle in the center of the yellow diamond represents the globe. On the globe is 27 five-pointed stars representing the every state in the Federal District which is aligned with the Brazilian night sky. Ordem e progresso means "Order and Progress".

History and background of soccer in Brazil

In Brazil they don't say "soccer" they said "futebol" which means football. It started in the 19th century when the Englishmen where there. The first soccer club was in 1888 in Sao Pablo. At first it was hard to spread the sport but in 1914 the national team played their first game. In 1930 was Brazil's first appearance in The World Cup and even though they lost, the sport began to catch on quickly and became the most popular sport in the nation. Pele lead the Brazilian national team to two wins back to back in 1958 and 1962. After he retired Brazil struggled to keep up their game. In 1944 Brazil picked everything up got back to the top of World Cup. Soccer or "futebol" is now a big part of Brazil's culture.
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