Kendall Cranor

The Kangaroo and the Koala

One summer morning a little koala named Sally sat on the grass and watched longingly at the other animals. Sally wanted to make friends so badly. Kylie the kangaroo laughed at Sally and made fun of her." You are so ugly!" shouted kylie. Sally ran behind a tree and cried. Kylie's little siser, Sue felt bad for Sally, so she decided to go comfort her. They chatted and Sally started to feel better. Sue and Sally became fast friends."Why doesn't anyone want to be my friend." asked Sally. Sue told her about how everyone made fun of her because she was ugly. This made Sally feel really sad and alone. Sue told Sally that Kylie's friends thought that because you were ugly that you would be stupid and a bad friend."Why don't we prove them wrong." suggested Sue. A beautiful smile spread across Sally's face and she agreed. Sue introduced Sally to all of the other animals. They all became friends and everyone was happy. Now all of the animals know not judge anyone by their appearance.


The theme is apperances can be deciving.
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Pretty and Ugly as Friends