The Fire Next Time

Passage Analysis

Main Arguement

1. Religion

2. Equality

3. Unity

Media Connection

One media connection is a video by Joel Bomgar from Ted Talks. This video connects to Baldwin's Fire Next Time by the discussion of people learning from other peoples actions to build a better path for those following behind.
The importance of being different | Joel Bomgar | TEDxJackson [HIGHLIGHTS]

Rhetorical Devices

1. Personification

- Baldwin uses personification when he says "Color is not a human or a personal reality; it is a political reality" (104). All of the equality laws have been passed because of color or signs excluding people from coming in has been because of color. Most political debates during that time, were because of the differences that whites had with blacks.

2. Repetition

- Baldwin repeats the word liberation on page 97 to demonstrate the significant influence that whites have on the black community but also how Baldwin feels it should be.

3. Simile

- Baldwin uses a simile to compare the tolerance and maturity that blacks have and that whites lack. On the end of page 92 and beginning of 93 Baldwin says "The Negro can precipitate this abdication because white Americans have never, in all their long history, been able to look on him as a man like themselves" (92-93). Blacks are different and they don't like different. However, the blacks are forced to accept it.