Eli of Buxton by Chris P. Curtis

Jaden Billings Hinkle Block3

Conflict and Plot

In the beginning of ,Elijah of Buxton, starts off with Elijah (protagonist) learning life lessons that lead up to his adventure. The adventure starts when Mr. Leroy (supporting character) finally receives enough money to buy his family out of slavery but he couldn't wait so he asked "The Preacher"(antagonist) to bring over the money with Theodore Highgate when Mr. Leroy found out "The Preacher" stole and gambled with the money. So when Mr. Leroy dies its up to Eli to get the money back.


The story takes place in the 1860's in Buxton, Canada during the time of slavery


I would recommend this book if you enjoy set during slavery times. I think it would show more about how hard it is to escape, but also bust other people free. This book makes me think about the story of Harriet Tubman and how remarkable how she was able to free so many people and not just herself. At the end it shows how much harder it is if you get caught, and how cruel they will treat you. The story made me feel sad throughout the ending but other then that its a five star book in my eyes.


*Elijah Freeman: Eli is an African American boy that is said to be fragile that has a lot of curiosity about life.(protagonist)
*"The Preacher": The Preacher is a big troublemaker that is a bad influence on the children in this story. He steals Mr. Leroy's money and starts the main conflict in the story.(antagonist)
Mr. Leroy:Mr. Leroy is a hard working man that has been trying to buy his family out of slavery for a while but once he finally receives it its stolen by the so called "preacher".(supporting charecter)