A Phenomenal Experience

We offer the most extraordinary once in a lifetime space trip!

Exclusive features of our trip include:

  • Specially designed Space Ship that travels at speeds of up to 3 billion kilometers per second! That's 10,000 times faster than light!
  • Meals and entertainment during the entire journey
  • The only space travel company in the world who can take you inside the black hole, within 1 kilometer of the sun and the opportunity to float around the rings of Saturn
  • Spaceship and Spacesuits can withstand temperatures from -300 degrees Celsius, which is colder than Saturn, up to 6000 degrees Celsius, which is hotter than the sun!

Places we will be visiting


1 Jan 5:00pm: Board spaceship

1 Jan 5:30pm: 3, 2, 1... BLAST OFF!!!

1 Jan 5:31pm: Spaceship breaks through the earth's atmosphere

5 Feb 10:00am: Reach the edge of the Outer Event Horizon of the Black Hole

5 Feb 10:30am: Start to get sucked into the Inner Event Horizon and then into the Singularity

5 Feb 10:31am: Turn the spaceship around and then fly out of the Black Hole at 350,000 kilometres per second.

5 Feb 11:00am: Leave the Outer Event Horizon of the black hole and begin flying to Saturn

12 March 10:00am: Arrive within 1 kilometre of Saturn

12 March 10:30am: Jump off the spaceship in specialised spacesuits (which protect you from the temperature of Saturn which is -185 degrees Celsius) and touch and float over the rocks, dust and ice, which make up the seven rings of Saturn, using our jet packs so you can float wherever you wish!

12 March 3:00pm: Depart Saturn and begin travelling to the Sun

12 March 4:20pm: Reach the sun and begin to fly around it's circumference of 4,366,813 million kilometers

12 March 4:56pm: Jump off the spaceship in specialised spacesuits (which protects you from the surface temperature of the Sun which is 5,779 degrees Celsius) and observe the Sun from a closer angle using our jet packs so you can float wherever you wish!

12 March 7:00pm: Depart the Sun and begin travelling back to Earth

12 March 7:08pm: Arrive back at Earth!

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Cost of our spectacular trip!

The cost of our space trip will start from $99,999 - $149,999 per adult and $49,999 - $79,999 per child aged between 3 and 16. Children under the age of 3 travel for just $10,000!*

Get in quick to order your tickets before they run out!

*Must be accompanied by a paying adult

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