Free Enterprise Economy

Economic System

Market & Capitlist

Allows individuals in an economy to have the freedom to create business and conduct economic activity with no government in tervention .Capitalism efficient way to organize the economy.

Facts On Free Enterprise

  • There are 5 main principles the freedom to choose their businesses ,the right to private properts,the profit motive, competition, and consumer sovereignty.
  • The government isn't included in the free enterprise people themselves are by running their own businesses.
  • People are paid by the individals they work for and how hard they work.
  • They buy and trade things to get money from others.

Free Enterpise Economy Video


Some people say free enterprise can make a person/ people slefish but the free enterprise promotes indviduals choices.


The free enterprise can help other earn a large amount of money and also the government cant control it also workers can earn a lot of money a day . By how much they work a day and the effort they put into it.