The Roaring 20'S

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The policy of protecting the interests of native born people against immigrants.

Emergence of Nativism:

In the 1920s especially, they were high restrictive of Southern and Eastern Europeans immigrating over to the United States. Immigrants were not only seen as undesirable to native-born Americans, but were also seen as stealing natives' jobs and threating their "peaceful way of living." Nativists were also bothered by many immigrants' foreign culture and were fearful that their ways of life as well as language would replace what they had lived with for generations.

Emergence of the KKK and Laws Passed

1. The Immigration Act of 1924, was a law that restricted the number of immigrants that were allowed to immigrate into America.

2. The KKK advocated extremist reactionary currents such as white supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration, historically expressed through terrorism aimed at groups or individuals whom they didnt agree with.


Politics Con.

Political Cartoon

The political cartoon shown to the right means that the U.S is no longer allowing immigrants into the country because of strikes taking place in America.

Court Cases

Red Scare : The promotion of fear that communism would arise.

Palmer Raids: Series of raids intended to capture and deport anarchists

Sacco & Vanzetti : Accused of murder in the 20's; sentenced to death in electric chair.

Schenck Vs. United States : Supreme court decision concerning the enforcement of the Espionage Act of 1917

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Scopes Monkey Trial

John Scopes: Charged for violating the Tennessee's Butler Act

Clarence Darrow: Best known for defending two teenagers who were charged with murder.

William Jennings Bryan: Argued towards prosecution

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Innovations, innovators, and Culture

Henry Ford: Created and manufactured the first automobile, which made transportation easier.

Jazz Age : Played a large role in expanding cultural variety and influences on pop culture.

Flappers: A fashionable young woman intent on enjoying herself and showing off her unique style

Political Cartoon

This cartoon represents that everyone has a different perspective on political things happening in 1920
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Letter to editor

During the 1920’ racism was a large issue among the United States, segregating blacks and whites and even going to the extremes of creating racist Klans. In today’s society racism is still a large issue among our country, segregation not being a problem anymore, clans and racism still does exist. Many trials and riots are still held for this issue of racism in the present time. During the 1920’s, racism was one of the largest issues in the nation, segregating schools and other public establishments. Present day racism is an issue as job opportunities and assumptions of crimes due to racism are still rapid. Although, Racism has decreased through time since the 1920’s, eliminating segregation and most klans. Racism today still remains among some people with ideas of them believing they are superior to other races, eliminating job opportunities and increasing ideas of crime rate, being bias to race.