In all lands wash your hands

Lets be neat and wash our hands before you eatDestinyDouthit

What Preparing your meal with dirty hands will get you

There are a lot of ways to prepare food, most households have their own way of doing it, but there is one step you can not forget! You always begin with washing your hands, no matter what you start with in the kitchen. Sanatizing your hands can be a major deal in cooking you never want to start with out it because it could cause bacteria to get on your food and into your mouth.

How to prevent bacteria from appearing on your food

You first want to start with washing your hand before touching anything. Then make sure every utensil is washed properly. Begin cutting separately if there is cutting. For example Cutting raw meat and vegetables should not be used to on the same cutting board unless it was sanitized in between.

Bacteria can be fun also

Washing rhymes

When you are washing your hands or even doing dishes, you can sing nursery rhymes to go with the flow of your dirty business. For example the wheels on the bus, and miss mary mack.

Washing your hands before you eat is important

Don't forget that before a meal goes into your mouth, wash your hands!