a key part of perserverance is hope

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an Interview with my mother about what gave her hope

Q:what happened on June 23rd 2005?

A: We were in San Diego when Cole became sick so we went back to our hotel where we waited for the ambulance to come up to the 23rd floor and picked him up and took him to the hospital. Cole was the sickest child on the ward.

Q: Why did you push to start the surgery three weeks early?

A: I wanted to take Cole back to LA to get his surgery done. I had high hopes that once they performed the operation we would be able to take the tubes out. The tubes were the cause of the infections. I hoped that they would perform the surgery even though he had the infection.

Q:What gave you hope that if the surgery was preformed the infection would go away?

A. I knew they could give Cole antibiotics to get rid of the infection and still perform the surgery. I was hoping this would ultimately cure the disease. I was hopeful that someone would listen to me despite the facts that the doctors in San Diego did not feel this was the right course of action. I need despite the medical protocol the best place for Cole was LA where we could get the surgery done.

Q: What did the doctor say that we should do?

A: The doctor said we should just stay in San Diego. Let them treat Cole with antibiotics and reschedule the surgery.

Q:Why did you disagree with the doctor's decision?

A: I knew that performing the surgery would allow us to eventually remove the tubes. The tubes were what kept getting infected.

the reason the doctor tried to keep me in the hospital was. the standards of all hospitals set by www.uhhospital.org is that all patients must be in a stable condition to be moved to another hospital. when my mother convinced the doctor emergency and i was immediately brought to the semi valley California hospital via that was the best option it again by www.uhhospital.org it would be considered a helicopter. the doctor and my mother were right about the fact that I was sick

all info was taken from an interview with Ginia Goggio and www.uhhhospital.org

What was the cause of my disease and what were the effects of it.

The reason I had my disease was because of a genetic mutation. Even though we don't know how it mutated originally I was born with it. The effect of this mutation was that my intestines didn't develop nerve endings causing them to be unable to digest food. When the doctor found out I had the disease. they had to cut out the infected parts of my intestines. This affected me because they had to attach a special tube to me. When I ate the food it would bypass the infected areas of my intestines and go to the uninfected parts. After that a complication occurred. The tube connecting to my good intestines had an obstruction. To clear the obstruction they were going to force open my intestines. During the surgery the surgeon accidentally ruptured my intestine. This caused an abscess to form around the cut. The surgeons tried to clear the tube again but they ruptured my abscess. This allowed lots of different bacteria into my body. These affected my body in different ways because there were multiple types of different bacteria into my body causing me to get sicker. The ruptured abscess caused an even bigger problem, now I could no longer eat and digest food. So they hooked a tube to my body that directly gave nutrients to my body. The bacteria still caused me to get even more diseases, like acute appendicitis, and liver failure, and other bad diseases.When I got acute appendicitis I had to have another surgery removing the appendix. After a few years of medicine and surgeries they took the tubes out of me. Then I was let out of the hospital because I was finally healthy.

all information was taken from Cole Goggio's medical records and an interview with Mike goggio

my brother's story

When I was young and sick my older brother Kyle faced a challenge worse than me he was just four years old when I was sick. He was sitting at the house waiting for his new baby brother with his babysitter. But he was confused when the babysitter got a call and told him that his parents were not going to be home tonight. Next morning he woke up excited for his baby brother, he ran down the stairs, but when all he saw was his parents he was puzzled and then he got some news he couldn't comprehend his younger brother was very sick. Then for months he barely saw his parents they were always rushing to the hospital and sleeping there. Finally when he saw his baby brother he had to wear a mask, and he still didn't understand what was going on and kept asking why he couldn't take his brother home. After that he loved his brother but didn't like to visit him because when he wore the mask he felt like he was going to lose his brother. After his first visit he got scared for me. He began asking questions about what was going on. as time went on he got even more worried and began asking his neighbors if I was going to die and if the neighbor didn't answer he would throw a tantrum and began crying. But then a miracle occurred in the shape of a shooting star. It was the MAKE-A-WISH organization and the one who recommended me was actually was one of the neighbors he asked questions to. The moment he heard the news he became excited and when the fund raiser ball happened he was ecstatic. He finally felt like everything was going to change for the better. The entire family felt a change in atmosphere it became more joyful. The details of Cole's wish will not be shared but the week of the wish Kyle finally felt hope that everything was going to be alright, and it was. Within a couple weeks of the wish Cole was out of the hospital and Kyle had grown up since then and loved his little brother and he was never going to let him go again.

all information was taken from an interview with Kyle Goggio


The organization that gave my family hope was MAKE-A-WISH. It is an organization focused on raising money for sick children to have their wish come true. This organization started because a 7 year old child named Chris had leukemia and his dream was to become a police officer. Together with the help of his of his community he was an able to become an honorable officer. When this happened a phenomenon occurred.

The moment the world heard about what happened to Chris donations and request came flooding in. Now make a wish grants a child's wish every 38 minutes. The way wishes are granted is by going on to the MAKE-A-WISH website and referring a child for a wish. The child does not need to have a terminal disease to get a wish, but the child must be in great pain or danger to get a wish. Though time to time MAKE-A-WISH is used by scammers to make money, such as the "MAX" incident where a fake child named Max asked as a wish to get a million Christmas cards with money in them. Though there was no such patient at the hospital he was claimed to be treated at. The MAKE-A-WISH organization is able to raise their money through two ways. One is on their website you can choose to make a monthly donation or the main way they make their money is through charity events such as balls, parties, barbecues. For my wish they had a local dance team preform at a ball to raise money for my wish. many MAKE-A-WISH kids do not in fact survive their diseases but many parents say they have never seen their child more happy. That is the true job of the MAKE-A-WISH organization.

all information can be found here @ http://wish.org/

The Procedures

The first time I went to the hospital was right when I was born they kept me in a special environment where anyone including visitors had to wear a mask just to see me. They then began running test by putting a tube in my stomach, it took them 2 weeks two finish testing because I kept pulling the tube out. After that they would come into my room and sedate me and run more test; on me. After the test were done they put me on multiple antibiotics for months. Next they began to operate on me, the main reason my disease was so dangerous because it was extremely large compared to other cases. The reason for the surgery was to cut my intestines so they would stop failing to digest food. The next step was another surgery that connected tubes to me to give me nutrients. 3 years later I was let out of the hospital. It was the first time I ever went outside. It was exciting I went through daily life the best I could for a year. The whole time I hoped I would never have to go back to the hospital but then I started screaming out in pain and passed out. When I came too I was back in the hospital. I began crying and became miserable. Then one day after surgery a strange man walked up to my hospital bed and asked me a bunch of questions, then after that he asked me one simple question "what is your wish"? With those words hope began to spring up from within me and when I told him what my wish was he smiled and left. Later that week I found out that he worked for and organization called MAKE-A-WISH and that my wish was being granted. The week of my wish everything got better and a year later I was finally out for good. I swore I would never end up in that horrible place known as a hospital.

all information was taken from interviews with Ginia Goggio and Mike Goggio

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"Taken from tri-countries.wish.org