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What is a GMF/GMO?

The term GMF refers to Genetically Modified Food (or Genetically Modified Organism in the case of a GMO). GMFs/GMOs are, as their name says, genetically modified. They have had a portion of their DNA removed and replaced with that of another organism in order to try and enhance an aspect of the food/organism.

Benefits and Risks of GMFs/GMOs


According to an article from Jack Baskin School of Engineering, the benefits of GMFs/GMOs include:

  • increased crop intake -> more food to spread around -> less famine
  • crops that are resistant to weeds, bugs, and other pests/harmful products
  • foods that look and taste better and last longer


According to an article from the Center for Food Saftey, some risks involved in GMFs/GMOs include:

  • unexpected allergic reactions
  • toxicity
  • the food losing nutritional value
  • create internal bacteria to become antibiotic-resistant

Should they be labeled?

Currently, GMOs/GMFs are not required to be labeled in the U.S. This creates a population that is not truly sure of what they are putting into their bodies. In this way, I feel it creates a major issue. People who are vegetarian, vegan, or have strict religious beliefs may be consuming DNA of an animal in vegetables without knowing it due to the lack of advertisement of the genetic modification. It is because of this that I feel GMOs/GMFs should be labeled.

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