Character Texturing and Rendering

By Ilora Rosenberg

Base Mesh Rendering

Pre-Visualization Playblast

Ive shown the character in all angles and at different lengths. This entales the whole character is seen and the detailed parts are close up. Near the end I have a Mid shot to close up on the face with a slightly lower angle, so we are looking up at her.

Colour Pallets

I am trying to go for a mysterious look, or even a slightly darker aura that yells danger.

I focused on more purples greens and reds for that reason. There are analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary and compound colour combinations. Purples usually come off as mysterious and greens can vary from envy to toxic to nature. Reds can be passionate and they can come off as angry but the combination of the two is even more powerful. I tried to find a combination where the colours would work well together in the scene to create a dark almost mischievous setting.

Big image

Lighting Style Examples

Texture Examples

Final Render



Again another fun project. Has a few problems with substance painter. Certain actions or materials when applied would cause the program to crash. I had to be very careful with how i used the program. The online lessons supplied all the information needed to create textures with many dimensions. I wish stingray files where compatible with other types of rendering formats such as mental ray for lighting purposes rather than maya's hardware 2.0, it would have most likely generated better lighting results for me. Over all I learned the quality of the mesh, the UV's, and the image quality really makes the difference for applying clean nice textures in substance, which I now know for next time.