The Happy Clicker

November 2014

Hello there! I hope that you enjoy the first edition of the "The Happy Clicker". This monthly newsletter will serve as a vehicle to keep you abreast of Instructional expectations, technology trends, and to celebrate the innovative things that are happening in your classrooms.

News & Reminders

Progress Reports

Progress reports should be sent home in this week's Friday Folders. Please select the Progress Report option in the Grading section of Reports.

Student Handbook Signature Pages

Please make sure that each of your students has returned the signature page of the student handbook. This document provides consent for the use of Personal Devices, Media Release, and the acceptance of the Student Acceptable Use Policy. A student will not be able to bring a device or access the B.Y.O.D network without returning this document.

Training & Support

I am flipping out!

During the conferences that I attended this summer and the week before last I have been learning about flipped instruction. Flipped instruction involves the learner viewing the instructional content via video, PowerPoint, or Job Aids prior to the face to face session at their leisure. During the face to face session the learner asks questions or creates a product for instructional use. Flipping staff development will allow me to differentiate instruction and make better use of our time together. I am looking forward to beginning this journey with you.

Manic Mondays

The 1st & 3rd Monday of every month will be Manic Mondays! On these days you can drop in to my office for a one on one training session, tech help, or just to see my smiling face. No ticket or appointment needed!

PhotoStory 3 Lessons

PhotoStory 3 is software that is installed on all student machines. It allows students to create photo slide show presentations that include text, music, and audio narration. It is a very easy program to use with all grade levels. If you would like for me to model a lesson using photostory with your class there will be a sign up sheet on my office window. Please plan for about an hour of instruction in the computer lab & the use of the project cart for about 2 days in your classroom. I look forward to working with you and your little happy clickers.

Thursday 12/4 ~ Imagine Learning Reports Training

I will be placing an Imagine Learning Usage Report in your mailbox shortly . Please use this information to ensure that all of your students have been added to your class. If you have not been bringing your students to the lab on a consistent basis please step it up. This program is only beneficial if students use it consistently.

Technology Updates & Issues

B.Y.O.D Access

I was informed on Friday that a user account can only be actively logged in to two devices at once. For example, if you log in to both of your kindles using your network log in, then you can not use your log in on your smart phone. I have requested generic student accounts for each teacher for our classroom Kindles. Not sure if they will approve this, fingers crossed.

Chrome at Home

You should now be able to access chrome without being logged on to the VPN Network. Give it a try this evening!

Student B.Y.O.D Openning in December

Start creating a plan now.

  • How will students use their devices in your classroom?
  • How will you notify parents when students should bring their devices in?
  • How will you manage student behavior when they are using their devices?

Caught Clicking

The Kindergarten Team

You guys are doing a sensational job in the labs! I love seeing your little people logging in independently and working in Imagine Learning! The more they practice, the more they will be able to master with technology.

4th & 5th Grade Teachers

I want to commend our 4th & 5th grade teachers for having their students complete writing samples using Write to Learn in such a short period of time. I hope that you enjoyed reviewing your data as much as I did. Your flexibility and committment to your students is awe inspiring. Thanks for making my day!


Vibrant Vokis!

Here are a view images of my favorite vokis. I wish that I could have posted the URLs so that you could hear the audio and see the dog's hillarious facial expressions. What a hoot!

eCLASS & Snow Days

Students will be completing activities via the C&I Tool to make up days missed for inclimate weather. Please start thinking about how you can use what you learned during your training so that your students can actively use the C&I tool on a weekly basis. Remember work smarter, not harder. Incorporate the tool into what you are already doing.

The Zen Den

In case you've forgotten you are a hero to every little face in your classroom, mine too! Your hard work shows and is appreciated. Take a breath and remind yourself of that from time to time.
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