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February Newsletter celebrating your January 2016

Hey Sistas!

I can't believe it's February already! I am thinking that January was just a warm up to the things we want to accomplish this year! Nothing like a new catalog full of FRESH Spring Products to get you pumped and ready to jump back into your business! Now is the perfect time to book your launch party plus a couple more to kick it off! YOU + TWO is the way to go! Having a launch party at the beginning of each catalog is a great way to get bookings for the next few months! And those bookings will lead to even more bookings! It's the best way to make sure you have a successful season! When is your launch party? Text me the date and you will be entered into a drawing for some Sweet Sassy Mail!

You can do it! You are gonna ROCK this catalog out!

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Top in Personal Sales!

These team members sold at least $600 (the amount of one averagel party) this month!

Theresa Tynan $ 3,249.00

Candice Kennedy $ 3,101.00

Aimee Lyden $ 2,079.00

Lizzy Fontaine $ 1,731.00

Stacy Santiago $ 1,320.00

Tara Gabbianelli $ 1,213.00

Jessica Martin $ 1,025.00

Julie DenOuden $ 1,003.00

Cyndi Ross $ 920.00

Alison Hague $ 811.00

Jodi Boyd $ 723.00

Nina Steffney $ 669.00

Sharing the LOVE ~ Top Sponsors!

These Sistas added one (or more) new Sista to their family!

Candice Kennedy 2

Theresa Tynan 2

Beth Smith 1

Lizzy Fontaine 1

Donna Acevedo 1

Welcome New Sistas!

Crystal Letien

Lindsey Howe

Kimberly Grant

Thirty-One Anniversaries!


Nina Steffney


Kristin Smith


Pamela Viehmann


Richenda Stallard


Happy Birthday to YOU!

These team members celebrate their birthday in February!

Jessica Martin

Nicole Lambourn

Laurie Russo

Eve DiPietro

Kimberly Grant

Martha Cannella

How to reach me!

If you want to talk about your business or ask me any questions, feel free to reach out to me! I do not have specific office hours because I love that my business is flexible and that I can take it on the road! My goal is to reply ASAP (often immediately!) but if not, within 48 hours. If for some reason I don't, it's likely I didn't get your message. You are not bothering me if you try again.