Wanted: Poliovirus AKA Polio

By Cade Knudson

Attacks & Victims

  • Polio Virus attacks muscle cells and the spinal cords, making its victim experience muscle paralysis, loss of muscle, etc.

  • Transmitted through consumption of contaminated food or water

  • People who are at most risk are people without access to the vaccine, and also people who have easy access to food or water that could easily be contaminated, such as a butcher or a chef.

  • More common in countries with high poverty rates

  • Can be prevented by getting a vaccination, and by staying away from possibly contaminated food or water.

  • Vaccine can immensely help recovery, but there is still no specific cure.


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Poliovirus is known to hang out near food and food preparation areas, as well as some sources of water. Avoid these areas at all cost or run the risk of becoming sick.


Poliovirus is wanted for the heinous crime of paralyzing thousands. If it weren't for the invention of the Polio Vaccine in 1955, more people would have fallen victim to polio. The crime starts when the virus enters the body and attacks the spinal cord. The spine then sends more of the virus throughout the body, where it attacks muscle cells, causing paralysis and muscle loss.

Weapons (Prevention)

The best weapon for defense against polio would be that of the vaccine. The vaccine kills the virus, and can prevent people from getting the disease itself. If you do not have access to the vaccine, then it is best to stay away from possibly contaminated food and water, and practice proper hygiene.

Use In Medicine

Although a very dangerous virus, scientist and doctors have recently found that polio can fight off and kill cancerous tumors in the brain. By injecting the polio virus directly into the patient's skull, where the tumor is located, the virus slowly begins to kill the tumor. Instead of taking lives, the future may lead to polio saving them.
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