BYOD & Technology Integration

FOCUS: Writing

How to Get Started...

Begin preparing students to type paragraphs and essays on the computer early in the school year by gradually increasing the amount of writing requested.

As we move forward into computer based testing, provide multiple opportunities for students to build their keyboarding skills and prepare them for computer based assessments by completing TYPED, well organized, informative or persuasive paragraphs, multi-paragraphs, and essays (depending upon grade level). Students should be able to draw on support from texts for their ideas and articulate that in their writing.

Even students as young as kindergarten can learn to type simple sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation. Start practicing NOW!

Happy Writing!

A Little Technology Humor

Creating Student Authors

Tap into the website, Storybird, for ways to spark writing creativity in students.

On this website (click on the main headline above), teachers begin by creating a class. Students choose an artist from the illustrations provided then add text to the pictures to create a storybook.

With unique and captivating illustrations, Storybird makes students feel like “real authors” as they build books and master the craft of writing.

The site is FREE and easy to set up! You can either create an “assignment” for students to do or allow free writing time. Students share their work in the “class library” and are able to read their classmates' writing and comment on it.

Think of the collaborative opportunities this can create! Take the plunge and try it out. Reflect and share your experiences with your colleagues.