Liberty Middle School Library

National Library Week: Fun Websites

MakeBeliefs Comix

That's right, create your own stories and express your ideas in Comix. Here you will find free eBooks, greeting cards, comic starters, and much more. Get STARTED by clicking the link below!!

Tynker: Code Your Own Music Video!

Are you ready to create a "Dance Party," using Tynker Blocks? Select your own music, background, characters, and multiple dance steps to make it your own. Amanda, from the Tynker Dance Team, will be your tutor for this project. Just click on the link below and get started!

Virtual Musical Instruments

Have you ever considered becoming a famous musician? Virtual Musical Instruments can make this a reality. Learn to play a virtual guitar, a virtual piano, a virtual drum, and much more by opening the link below.

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Houston Texans Story Times

Houston Texans Ambassadors, cheerleaders, and players joined forces to read children's books during COVID-19 so that students can continue reading and learning. Listen to DeAndre Carter, wide receiver, read, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendack.

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Virtual Field Trips for Families

Enjoy these Virtual Field Trips for Families until the end of April. Go ahead and look for your favorite zoo animal in the San Diego Zoo. There are animal videos, stories, activities, and much more for you to enjoy. Don't forget to check out the Louvre Museum in France and the Hubble Control Center.

San Diego Zoo

The Louvre Museum in France-Egyptian Antiquities

The Hubble Control Center

Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still by Shawn Elliot Russell

Shawn Elliot Russell author of Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still, wanted to offer some sort of support, peace, relaxation, and hope in a time of this COVID-19 pandemic. Educators, students, and parents, simply click on the link below and listen to the words carefully. Storms will come and go, but we're going to get through this.


ABDO wants all students across America to continue reading and expanding their knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Go ahead, start reading 100s of eBooks from this website until June 2020.

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