Digital Citizenship

Understanding technology with legal and ethical behavior.


Appropriate behavior is important for using technology to make sure that others are not harmed. In the classroom: discussion on cyberbullying and appropriate online conversation.


In order to use technology appropriately and make the most of it, one first has to know how to use technology in general. In the classroom: making a video project using Movie Maker.


Pivotal to Digital Citizenship is access to technology in order to be contributing members of the future. In the classroom: using media center resources to allow all students to have access to technology.


Protecting personal information is important to ensure that no harm comes to people from using technology. In the classroom: discuss social media security settings, why they exist, and how to ensure safety.

Health and Wellness

It is important to understand healthy limits of using technology to avoid negative health consequences. In the classroom: activity on healthy limits of screen time, and what constitutes screen time.


Much of commerce in today's world is done digitally, so students will need to know how to use it as a consumer and as a part of their lives in the future. In the classroom: evaluating online shopping sites and what they should and should not be used for.


In society today, digital communication has become the way of the world and it is important to know the benefits and limits of this. In the classroom: create and use a social media page for the classroom.

Rights and Responsibilities

Students should understand how to use technology in an ethical and responsible manner. In the classroom: understand copyright and how to use copyrighted material.


It is important to know the legal aspects of using technology to avoid illegal behavior, especially from a lack of understanding. In the classroom: discover the law on digital behavior and examples of legal and illegal behavior.

Example of a Digital Citizenship Lesson:

Lesson in Action: Super Digital Citizen

What is Digital Citizenship?

What is Digital Citizenship?

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