Invented by Sidharth Vadduri and Adithya Royaprollu

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The Lock Alert is a new type of system that fits all keyboards sizes. It fits on Macs and PCs. It is made out of silicon type material, and has built in sensors that makes the keyboard vibrate when you have activated Caps Lock or Num Lock. This system is priced at around 7USD.


-1 year warranty

- comes with 2 USB ports on the side of the keyboard

- ambient light sensor


Tim Cook- "This is a product we would actually want to make!"

Steve Carell- "It should be on The Office!"

BIlly Crystal- "It should be made into a movie!!"

Tom Hanks- "This should have been used in Toy Story!"

Jack Welsh- 'This is something we want GE to be like."

Larry Page- "If you google this you can find it."