Capital and major cities

Aruba's capital is Oranjestad and thier biggest cities are Babdni Angocmi Arasdi and Baracadera


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Aruba is currently controlled by the Netherlands under king William Alexander and his parlement.
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language and flag

Aruba's official language is Papiamento witch 67% of the people say in that language

Arubas flag is blue with 2 horizontal narrow yellow lines and a red star that represents the 4 cardianal directions the blue represent the water and the sky and the yellow represents the movement with gold.

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Geographical information

Aruba is located in the Caribbean it is very flat land with very few holes and scant vegetation Aruba has a lot of natural beauty and very blue waters and green trees Aruba is about the size of Washington DC
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Political information

Aruba is a monarchy that is runned under king Williams Alexander of The Netherlands who rules the country with a parlement

Economic information

The currency of Aruba is the florin witch is the main currency of Aruba

Aruba's economic system is capitalism

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Tourist information

Aruba holds a lot of natural beauty with the clear blue oceans and the green Palm tree

Places you should vist in Aruba

Eagle beach is a beautiful beach near the coast it holds natural beauty

SS antila was a American steam ship that crashed near the coast

Trinidad stadium is the main stadium in Aruba that wear all sports acure in like soccer and raceing.