Rhode Island

by Kai Chouinard


Come on down to Rhode Island! Rhode Islands hotels are magnificent, the State parks are lovely, and the activities there are endless. The Rogers Williams State zoo has more than 100 rare, endangered, and fascinating animals! The Fort Wetherill State park in Jamestown offers stunning ocean views, and coastal walking trails. Situated upon 100 feet tall granite cliffs over looking Naragansett bay, the site was first was used during the revolutionary War! Come on down to Rhode Island trust me its worth it.

History of Rhode Island

The famos people who lived there was Chris Van - Author who wrote Jumanji, The Polar Express, and Zathura. George Cohan - Musical composter who wrote patriotic songs such as Your'e a grand old flag and over there. Elisabeth Hasselbeck - TV talk show reatily TV star. Matthew.C Perry - Naval commander. Gilbert Stuar - Artist who painted host and news anchor. Meredith Vieira - TV talk show host and news anchor. In 1872 one of the oldest zoos set in Providence's historic Rogers Williams park. People lived in Rhode Island for thousands of years.Before the Europeans arrived, various Native Americans tribes ruled the land. The various Native Americans harvested corn, beans, and squash.

Euorpeans Arrive

The first record visit by a European in 1526 when Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano arrived. He met with some of the loacal tribes and mapped out portions of the coastline. Dutch explorer Block arrived around 90 years later in 1614. He further mapped out the coastline including Narragansett Bay and Block Island, which was named after him.


The first permanent European settlement was established by Roger Williams in 1636. Williams moved to Rhode Island after being kicked out of Massachusetts for his religious beliefs. Williams called the settlement Providence and declared that it would be a place of religious freedom. Today Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and Williams is known as the "Father of Rhode Island."

The fun things you can do in Rhode Island.

Come to Rhode island! There's zoos, with over 100 rare animals, there's fabulos hotels, there's beaches, apple orchard farms underground war forts, The east Lighthouse, aquariums and much more.
Journey over Rhode Island