Will she return?

I got a chance to speak 4 of the gods that were involved in the kidnapping of Pesephone I got to ask them some questions.
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I asked the goddess of harvest Demeter What was your first thought on where Persephone might've gone when she disappeared and she answered " My first thought was she got taken to the underworld."
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I then talked to Hades God of the underworld where I asked him "Hades what made Persephone so amazing that you had to take her." He answered "She was just so joyful and beautiful that no other girl would make me happy."
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I talked to Persephone the victim where I asked "Were you scared of Hades or were you just worried you would never see your mom."she answered "both."
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Last but not least I spoke to Hermes the messenger where I asked him"We're you interested in going to save Persephone or did you just do it cause Zeus said." And he answered "I did not know the situation or why I was going to get her and why she was there I was just told to save her."
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Presley Ricketts

I am the author of this article Taken I also spoke with all the gods personally.