Andrew Jackson Hero or Zero

Jackson is a hero

Killing the National bank

The national bank was corrupt and only supported the wealthy. Andrew Jackson felt that the national bank needed to be shut down. Jackson felt that the bank was unconstitutional. Jackson supported the common man. The power Andrew Jackson used to get rid of the National bank was veto.

Battle of New Orleans

Andrew Jackson Winning the Battle of New Orleans not only helped the United States maintain its newly won independence and increased patriotic sentiment, it turned Jackson into a national hero and paved the way for his ascent to the presidency in 1828.

The nullification Crisis

Two tariffs were put on imported goods. South Carolina was upset because they had little manufacturing.Congress responded with the force bill forcing the southern states to pay tariffs. Jackson brought the army into it. South Carolina said they were going to sesede from the union if they had to pay tariffs.The comprimise of 1833 said that the tariffs would be lowered.

Political Cartoon

This picture shows the national bank getting detroyed because of Andrew Jackson