Wildlife biologist

Making animals happy and welcome

The job that I chose was a wildlife biologist because they study animals and other wildlife that need help like if there injured or sick.In this job you have to get up early to start the day especially if you want to see the animals or get them.They study the physical characteristics of the animals and their behaviors and the impact humans have on wildlife and natural habitats. Wildlife biologists help animals feel happy, healthy, and welcome to their homes .They take blood samples if their sick, hurt, or just for exams. They travel around the world to see how they are living in their wildlife habitat.
This job is interesting to me because I like studying about animals and their habitat and I myself love animals. What I also like about this job is traveling around the world to see how they are doing in their ecosystems. My favorite part about this job is helping the animals because I like helping them by making them healthy and happy.