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This month's newsletter is especially important as it contains everything you need to know to make a smooth transition back to school. Contact us with any tips, tricks, or suggestions to help improve our communication!

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Click below to Learn How to Transfer Your Material into Your New 2022-2023 Canvas Course.

WPCSD Canvas Homepage Templates

This year, we want to show consistency across each school by having all schools have common Canvas homepages. Please locate your school link to import into your Canvas course.

How to Import Homepage to Canvas Course

  1. It may take 1-2 minutes to import.
  2. Click on Commons for the Global Navigation buttons.
  3. Locate and click on your school's homepage.
  4. On the right side, click on Import/Download.
  5. Check the box for each course you want to import the homepage.
  6. It may take up to 1 minutes to import.
  7. Go to the course you imported the homepage and click on the Pages Course Navigation button on the left side.
  8. This is where you will find your new imported homepage.
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How to Set Your New Homepage as Your Homepage

  1. Click on your course and go the Pages Course Navigation button.
  2. Locate your new imported school homepage and click on the three dots to the right side of screen.
  3. From the menu, select Use as Front page.
  4. It should now be marked as Front Page.
  5. Click on the Home course navigation button.
  6. On the right side of screen, click on Choose as Homepage.
  7. From the dialog box, select Pages Front Page.
  8. Click Save.
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New Canvas Elementary Theme

The Canvas for Elementary feature creates a digital classroom that reflects the physical classroom experience for elementary students. This change allows teachers to set up a homeroom course and a course for each subject to organize and focus student course participation.

East Side, Church Hill, South Side, West Clay and Fifth Street will see the new elementary theme in Canvas this year. Click the button and watch the video below to start learning and become familiar with the new look and features.

Canvas Elementary Theme Overview

Click here to start learning and becoming familiar with the new look and features.

Canvas For Elementary - 5 Steps to Setup

Click Here to Subscribe to Canvas Youtube Channel:

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How to Check for Updates on Your Surface Pro

Your Surface Pro needs to be updated every two weeks; think of it as your phone. If you notice it running slow, or having any other issues, then it's probably time for some updates. Click here to learn how.

How to Print From Your Surface Pro

Click here for instructions on how to print from your Surface Pro. Before starting, please make sure you have checked for updates.

How to Access Print Jobs Under PaperCut

Click here for instructions on how to access your print jobs for school copier.

How to Print Paystub from Chrome Web Browser

Click here for instructions on how make Adobe Acrobat Reader the default pdf viewer in order to print your monthly paystub.

Click the picture below to discovery ways your Instructional Technology Coaches Can Help You:


Learn How to Use ClassWize.

Click here for instructions on how to start using ClassWize to monitor student chromebooks.

Classwize Updates: June 2022

Click here to read about the latest feature updates.


Click the picture below to explore some handy Kami resources.

Kami 101 for Teachers
Kami Library: It's finally here!
Kami Library

Click here to discover over 100 templates and activities to create interactive assignments with your students.

Kami Product Updates

Click here to learn about some of Kami's latest products


Click the picture below to be introduced to the Zoom Learning Center and the fundamental Zoom basic courses.

Basic In-Meeting Navigation
Need Zoom Desktop Client? Click Here to Download

Click here to download the Desktop Client for Zoom.

Zoom: Show Me Videos

Click here to watch quick reference zoom videos.


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West Point Consolidated Schools Cyber Safety Hub

Click here to explore resources to help keep students safe online.

Common Sense Education

Digital Citizenship Playlist for K-12: Youtube

Click here to find Digital Citizenship YouTube Videos for K-12

Digital Citizenship Video for Grades K-2

Pause & Think Online

Digital Citizenship Video for Grades 3-5:

Private and Personal Information

Digital Citizenship Video for Grades 6-8:

What's in Your Digital Footprint?

Digital Citizenship Video for Grades 9-12:

Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?


MDE: Digital Learning Best Practices

Click on the picture below to learn about the nine Digital Learning Deep Dives.


Technology can help teachers create a learning environment that fosters student choice, curiosity, and collaboration.

Educators can consider the following questions to determine if a digital tool will promote student engagement:

  • How will students be engaged with the subject through the usage of this digital tool, allowing them to create, manipulate, and explore the content in ways that a traditional method would not allow?
  • Is the digital tool capable of easily importing and manipulating content?
  • Does using the digital tool provide students with a choice in how to demonstrate their learning?
  • Is the digital tool conducive to creativity?
  • Would using a chalkboard, whiteboard, manipulatives, or paper and pencil to complete the same task and be just as effective?
  • Will this digital tool accommodate a variety of learning styles?
  • Will the digital tool encourage self-directed, student-centered learning?
  • Does this digital tool allow students to collaborate in new ways?

Continue to explore this best practice in the Best Practice Deep Dive: Promoting Student Engagement.

Click the picture below learn how to help students not just "pay attention", but take control of learning.



Click on the flyer below to explore helpful resources, practice new skills, and reflect on ways Apple technology can support great learning and teaching.
MDE: Professional Development Calendar

Click here to see all of the Professional Development opportunities MDE has to offer.

Mississippi State University

MSU Extension: Center for Continuing Education

Click here to learn more about MSU Center for Continuing Education offers online and in-person trainings for teachers to earn CEUs.

ITS Cyber Tips Newsletter: July

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